The princess and the atomic fireball

A few years ago I took Carla Sonheim’s Year of the Fairytale class.  It was delightful fun.  I would give anything if she would consider doing a part II or number II class where we could illustrate even more fairytales.   I love illustration and I learned so much from this class.  I may just continue sharing some of the illustrations that I made from the different fairytales that we read.

princess and the pea #403202014_0000_1

For the Princess and the Pea we first put together illustrations using magazine pages like the one I made above.  We learned about composition in this exercise.  That was fun.   Then we got more serious and drew out our compositions.

princess and the pea 303292014_0001

That one was really simple.  Then I made this one.  We first made paper doll princesses to move around the rooms.

princess and the pea #1

I liked the one above and so I made the mattress out of magazine and craft paper.  You can see the green pea at the top of the bed.

P rincess and the pea © 2018 the brunswick papers blog rm_1

Then we did a bit of painting with an old credit card.  That was interesting and so different and such a challenge for this fine detailed person!

princess and the pea painted #1_1

But what I liked the most was when we made a spoof on the Princess and the Pea.  Mine was called The Princess and the Atomic Fireball.  Here was my first attempt.  She just drank water spiked with fireballs.

The princess and the Atomic Fireball © 2018 the brunswick papers blog_2

I think the queen was really trying to get rid of the sweet little princess.   She was kind of a she-devil!  Here she is scheming with the royal cook to make a super duper hot treat for the princess.   I had to look up the scientific name for cinnamon flavor:  cinnamonaldehyde.   I used fabric, paper, colored pencils, markers and watercolor for these final paintings.

Spot illustration for The Princess and the Atomic Fireball © 2018 The Brunswick Papers Blog

The sweet, innocent little princess is reading a book on royal etiquette.  She is trying to figure out the best way to deal with the evil queen.  Poor dear!

The princess and the Atomic Fireball © the brunswick papers blog_1_1

M is for Minnie.

m is for minnie index card art © 2018 r m kitty cat

I am so behind in posting that I decided to play catch-up today.  Here is my most recent index card art.  M is for Minnie.  She is a sweet kitty that I know and she has a sister named Pea.  I am working on Pea now…or rather I have been working on her for weeks!  I can be so slow…but life gets in the way!

M is for Minnie is mixed media.  Mostly she is watercolor with touches of colored pencil and acrylic.

Jane Austen on an index card.

ICAD32 Jane Austen #1_1Jane Austen was my very first index card art project.  I made her a few years ago with mixed media.   I admit I love Jane Austen.  I read her books and watch Jane Austen movies, both old and new, over and over again.  I love her characters!  This quote by Lizzy in Pride and Prejudice, “What a shame.  I dearly love a laugh…” is one of my favorites.

Felicity takes a walk in the rain.

Felicitytakesawalkintherain © 2018 mb_1F is for Felicity!  I named my little frog in this index card series Felicity because the name Felicity means happiness or joy.  She is the second in this series of alphabet index cards.  I painted her with mixed media onto  a previously painted acrylic gel print that I made years ago.  I thought that the background seemed watery and a perfect one for Felicity the Frog who is holding an umbrella.

A is for Alice

a is for alice © 2018 rm the brunswick papers blog mixed media painting ICAD

Almost every year I join an art group for making art the whole year.   This year I am supposed to be doing 52 pieces of art.  That’s one piece of art a week for a year.

Once I did the Index Card A Day challenge and never could get through 365 pieces of art.  I am kind of a perfectionist when I do art.  It is hard for me to just slap some paint or markers on a sheet of paper and be satisfied.  It’s a bad thing to be this way because I churn out so much less art than most of my artist friends.  I am working on that!  I do keep a journal where I do rough drawings.  Maybe I could call that my daily art although I am falling behind even in my journal. 

Today as I was looking at my art supplies I came across some vintage A-Z index cards.  I collect them from thrift stores as I figure I will come up with a use for them.  Today I didn’t use one.  Instead I just got the idea to do 26 pieces of art on these alphabet cards.  Only I didn’t like that the yellow/gold color doesn’t match my paintings so I made my own out of heavy craft paper.

“A is for Alice” is the name of my little Index Card Painting.  She is mixed media with watercolor, colored pencil and Crayola washable markers. 

I drew a sketch of Alice about two years ago.  She has finally become a painting.  I named her Alice because when I saw my vintage “A” index card, it reminded me of my friend Alice.  I had a dream about Alice the other night.   Unlike the shy girl in my painting, my friend Alice has a fun and lively personality.

Vintage Children’s Illustration ATCs

book Mother Goose Jessie Wilcox Smith

One of the latest ATC swaps that I participated in was for hand drawn/ hand painted vintage children’s illustrations.  I happen to love studying illustrations from children’s books so this was right up my little artistic ally!   The host required that we copy famous illustrations and I chose to copy illustrations by Jessie Wilcox Smith from her Mother Goose Book.

I always start my  ATC process with drawings or sketches in my mixed media notebook:

artist trading cards mother goose illustrations

I started with the boy from the rhyme,

See-saw, sacaradown, sacaradown,

Which is the way to London Town?

One foot up, and the other foot down,

That is the way to London town.

The Way to London Town artist trading card_1

Then I decided to do Jack and Jill.

And then I made one of little Johnny from the rhyme,

Rain, rain, go away:

Rain Rain Go Away artist trading card_1

Someone asked what media I used.  I started with watercolor.  Then I added Prismacolor Colored pencil and then a bit of ink to outline and for the grass and the umbrella in my ATCs, I used PLAID metallic acrylic paint.


Remember Elsie?

Remember Elsie the Cow?  She was on the Borden’s milk jug.   When I was a kid my mom would take us kids to eat Borden’s Ice Cream at the Borden’s Ice Cream Parlor.  It was one of the most thrilling treats I can remember from my childhood.  We didn’t get surprises or treats often so you can imagine how excited we were when had this simple treat on a hot summery day.

This is from the fourth artist trading card swap that I have participated in.  She’s made of craft paper, colored pencil, pen and watercolor pencil.

I think I am feeling hungry for something cold and creamy now….

A Mushroom Village

The third ATC swap that I participated in was a Mushroom Houses Swap.  I think this has been my favorite swap so far.  I kind of went wild!  These were the cards I sent to the host of the swap.  Then for each of these cards I made two or three more interchangeable cards.    Here is the whole village:


Isn’t that fun?!!!

Neapolitan Ice Cream Colors

IMG_8033_2The second artist trading card (ATC) swap that I participated in, involved making ATCs using the Neapolitan ice cream colors of vanilla (cream), strawberry (pink) and chocolate (brown).  Doesn’t that sound so yummy?

Before I make my ATCs, I do a sort of trial run first in my mixed media notebook.  For this swap, I immediately thought of birds.  I wondered if there were pink birds.  And yes!  There is  really a pink bird.  That day I went to pinterest and a pin came up of a Rose colored Finch!  Imagine that!  Boy did I learn a lot about rose finches!  There are several different varieties.  Some are called Great Spotted Rose Finches and some are Pallas Rose Finches and I can’t remember the others.  But they are beautiful birds to look upon.

In the top photo, I painted a rose finch in the style of Brian Wildsmith, one of my favorite illustrators.  Here are some photos from my mixed media art book:

Here are what they look like:

Artist Trading Cards © 2017 The Brunswick Papers Rosefinch_1

The swap ends on September 13, so I still have to wait to see what I get in exchange.

Art on the run…

I haven’t written in ages.  I really haven’t had much time, but I thought maybe it would be good to  put this ancient blog to good use as an art blog.

With little free time it seems necessary that if I am going to do art daily, it shouldn’t take too much time.  I started thinking small.  I could do tiny pieces of art quickly. I  looked through my art supplies.  Years ago I had purchased some Artist Trading Card packs.  You know those little slices of paper that you create tiny art on.  I had never used them.

Back in June I did a Google search for Artist Trading Cards.  I found a website where artist participate in swaps.  This sounded fun.  My first swap was a “bunny” swap.  What you see above are my sweet bunny babies.  They have all since been adopted.  I made these in honor of the injured bunny we once found on our property.

I didn’t use my purchased ATC paper after all.  Instead I used one as a template and cut up a piece of black art paper.  I made my bunny designs with Prismacolor colored pencils.  I like how they turned out although it is probably not my best art.  But it was fun.